"Do not follow the beaten path, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"


HCA has worked on capital introductions across a variety of industries and geographies with a particular focus on emerging markets. Our USP is providing access to such untapped markets as Sub-Saharan Africa and India, amongst others.

Our proprietary database contains thousands of investor details who demonstrate significant investment interest in emerging markets and/or direct PE transactions. 

The Database is regularly updated and is one of the  most up-to-date sources of data available on the market. We will be happy to discuss with you access to this valuable information which can transform your business in no time.


Due to an extensive network built over nearly 15 years, HCA is able to tap into various channels to assist clients in growing their businesses, in particular: 

-    Hedge funds

-    PE funds
-    Real estate
-    Direct private equity transactions

Since 2006, HCA has raised significant amount of capital in pure equity investments, debt as well as mezzanine funding,  conducted due diligence on a variety of real estate transactions, successfully completed a number of acquisitions in Europe and Russia. We supported over 12 various clients, some of which remain with us until present day with ongoing mandates.


Our consulting services focus on assisting our clients with their most critical issues and opportunities.

At HCA we look at the global structure of your business and can see where there is further potential for future growth, in particular the developing markets such as Sub-Saharan Africa and India. 

We are helping our clients with their most complex strategic challenges and build tailored solutions and marketing materials to help them achieve their goals.

We collaborate with Blackwood Capital Group when it comes to strategic M&A advisory. Blackwood Capital Group specialises in M&A transactions across Europe and emerging markets, and has led a number of successful transactions in the US. The group operates out of offices in London, Frankfurt and New York. 

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